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Architectural Photography


Architectural Photography

I love highlighting the work of architects, designers or other professionals at its very best. I specialize in high quality photos of commercial & residential buildings, interior spaces, furniture & details, materials and textures, with or without human models.

Every job is different and requires its own unique approach, which is why I want to find out as much about your project and needs as possible before I give a quote. If you require, I can then meet you on location to plan the photo shoot with you. Contact me and let’s see what I can do for you!


My personal style is to aim for a pure, naturalistic look, with an emphasis on the effects of natural & ambient light.  I do all my own processing/retouching myself, which helps consistency with the original vision.  I then deliver high-quality, large (including multi-photo panoramic) images with a well-balanced dynamic range. That means they’re full of detail & great for pushing in any stylistic direction desired, according to your preference or branding needs.

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Photoshopping- I can also do “digital re-imagining” if post-production alterations to a scene are wanted. I can change the contents of a photo when weather, view or missing furniture/appliances require it. I can also do digital alterations on certain elements in a shot if you have an inspired post-production idea that requires adjustments. With me you get a both a professional photographer and a professional retoucher in one, who keeps the full picture in mind throughout the process.

Photo Sharing- For third-party usage, I only charge an additional 33% for each additional party. So adding the third-party surcharge and then splitting the costs evenly is a great way to save money on your photoshoot!

Drone & Elevated Photography- I can do drone photos and panoramic images, and with my regular cameras can also offer elevated photography (15ft.)

Panoramic Virtual Tours- I also offer partial, 360° & completely spherical panoramas, for immersive rotating Virtual Tours. These high-quality 360° photos are extremely easy to embed anywhere.

Large Format & Prints

I’m always investing in my craft—both software & equipment—using the latest technology for the best results. I currently shoot with a Nikon D850 (46MP), as well as the Z6ii.  This allows me to deliver massive high-resolution images & lengthy panoramic images, to produce large & extra-large prints, depending on your needs.

Besides being able to provide prints of the beautiful photos I take of your beautiful projects, I also have a large library of my own fine art & nature photography in a variety of styles, available at a 30% discount to all my photo clients! Would you like orignal fine art photography to complete your interior decor? Or would you like to bring the freshness of the outdoors into your corporate office design with a vibrant high-resolution forest scene wall covering? Or do you want to display beautiful photos of your previous projects in your office for potential clients to see?

I can fulfill print orders on a variety of media—canvas, acrylic, metal, metallic & other photo papers, etc. Or I can send a link for you to download the full-resolution files to send to your printer of choice. Please let me know if you’re interested in print options.

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